Cat Boarding At The Barkley Pet Hotel And Day Spa Review

Leaving my cat at The Barkley for boarding was an experience I approached with a bit of anxiety initially. Like any cat parent, the well-being of my furry companion is paramount, and I wanted to ensure they were in good hands.

My cat, a curious and somewhat reserved feline, was about to experience Kitty City, and I wasn’t sure how they would adjust. However, my concerns were quickly alleviated once I understood the level of care and attention The Barkley provides.

Key Takeaways

  • The Barkley alleviates boarding anxieties with attentive care and stimulating environments like Kitty City.
  • Multi-level condos, a large fish tank, and air purification ensure cats’ comfort and entertainment.
  • Trained specialists provide round-the-clock care, including daily housekeeping and healthy food.
  • Discounts for multiple cats and pre-paid packages offer cost-effective boarding solutions.
  • From kitten programs to specialized care, The Barkley caters to all feline life stages, highly recommended for cat owners.

Kitty City

Kitty City turned out to be a paradise for my cat. The 5,000-gallon fish tank was a hit, providing endless entertainment. I could imagine the fascination in their eyes as they watched the fish glide by, a much-needed distraction and source of stimulation during their stay.

The cat condominiums exceeded my expectations. The multi-level design, high-quality bedding, and private litter box ensured comfort and privacy. The separate air purification system was a detail I hadn’t thought much about before, but realizing its importance for a clean and fresh environment made me appreciate The Barkley’s attention to detail.

The 24-hour supervision and personal attention from trained specialists gave me peace of mind. Knowing that someone was always there, caring for and observing my cat, reassured me that they were in safe hands.

The standard services, including daily housekeeping, fresh water, healthy food, and plenty of TLC, were evident in my cat’s demeanor upon return. They seemed content, well-fed, and surprisingly relaxed.

Accommodations for Multiple Cats

The Barkley’s policy on boarding multiple cats with discounts was a feature I didn’t use but found very thoughtful. It’s an excellent option for families with more than one feline friend.

Flexible and Cost-Effective Boarding Packages

Although room requests based on availability couldn’t be guaranteed, it was clear they made every effort to accommodate preferences.

The discounted pre-paid boarding packages, starting at 20 nights with no expiration date and immunity to seasonal rate changes, were an attractive offer I will consider for future needs.

Specialized Kitten Programs

The specialized programs for kittens were not something my cat needed, but knowing these options exist is a testament to The Barkley’s comprehensive approach to cat care, catering to every stage of a cat’s life.

For more information on how we can make your kitten comfortable, please contact a reservations associate.


What types of activities are available for cats during their stay at The Barkley?

At The Barkley, cats can enjoy a variety of activities tailored to their preferences and needs, including interactive play sessions with staff, quiet time in their condos, and visual entertainment such as bird watching setups, alongside the captivating 5,000-gallon fish tank in Kitty City.

Are there any specific requirements for cats to be accepted for boarding at The Barkley?

Yes, The Barkley requires all feline guests to be up-to-date on vaccinations, including rabies, FVRCP (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Panleukopenia), and recommends a flea and tick preventative. A health certificate from a veterinarian may also be requested to ensure the well-being of all pets staying at the facility.

Can The Barkley accommodate cats with special dietary needs?

Absolutely, The Barkley is equipped to cater to cats with special dietary requirements, whether it involves feeding provided prescription diets or adhering to a feeding schedule that matches the cat’s home routine. Owners are encouraged to discuss their cat’s dietary needs during the reservation process.

What measures does The Barkley take to ensure the safety and health of boarded cats?

The Barkley prioritizes safety and health through rigorous cleanliness standards, including daily housekeeping and the use of a separate air purification system in each cat condo. Additionally, the facility maintains strict protocols for illness prevention and is prepared to provide veterinary care if needed.

Final Thoughts

My experience with The Barkley was profoundly positive. It’s rare to find a place that goes above and beyond in the care and attention they provide to their feline guests.

The peace of mind knowing my cat was not only looked after but also enjoyed their stay is invaluable.

I would recommend The Barkley without hesitation to any cat owner seeking a boarding service that truly understands and caters to the needs of cats.